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Welcome to the Telligen website supporting Utilization Management, Care Management, and Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) services for the Mississippi Division of Medicaid. This site is built to provide easy access to the Qualitrac provider portal for submitting clinical cases, as well as current news and resources that pertain to the Telligen contract with the state. Please use the Contact page if you have any questions or encounter issues with the website.


All Providers: Prior authorizations for members enrolled in MississippiCAN and CHIP will continue to be handled by the respective coordinated care organization. If we receive an authorization request for a MississippiCAN or CHIP member, providers will receive a decision of Outcome Not Rendered. The authorization will then need to be submitted to the respective coordinated care organization.


Inpatient Update:  The default code for entering any inpatient authorization request is 99233.  Providers do not have to change this code.  Additional procedure codes may be added, but it is not required for inpatient authorization requests. Providers may still enter the respective diagnosis codes needed on the authorization request.

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